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健康+咨询办公室致力于通过创新的使用来促进整个学生和整个校园的健康, 有创意的, 无障碍和有效的服务和举措. The 健康+咨询 office offers personal counseling, 集团的支持, 卫生服务, workshops and various student-oriented activities aimed at building and fostering community, 包容和学生的整体福祉.

在校园进行的健康或咨询服务不收费,也不需要保险. 可能会有一些实验室检查、处方和任何外部提供者访问的额外费用.


Our three masters-level clinicians assist students in meeting their emotional, 心理, and mental health needs for a variety of presenting issues. 我们的服务有助于营造一个有利于学生健康成长和发展的校园环境.

鼓励学生安排初步评估预约,以确定他们提出的问题/关注的最佳方法. 大多数在健康咨询办公室寻求服务的学生都有资格获得服务, however, some students have needs that will be more appropriately addressed with off campus providers. Our goal is to identify the best care for our students.

除了下面的考虑之外, 我们鼓励学生在上学前与家人/支持系统就期望或期望的支持/治疗需求进行坦诚的对话. 如果学生的现有提供者在密歇根州,他们可以通过远程医疗继续治疗服务. 学生们被鼓励与现有的提供者交谈,看看这是否有可能有效, current, treatment relationships do not have to be interrupted with the transition to college.



  • 轻度到中度的抑郁症 & 焦虑
  • 适应大学生活,想家
  • Interpersonal concerns (family, friends, intimate partners, roommates)
  • 解决问题或决策
  • 悲伤和失落
  • Identity development related to various dimensions of self
  • 学习成绩或动机
  • Personal growth and development, identification of coping style
  • 轻度到中度的物质使用问题

我们有执照的心理健康临床医生将帮助学生确定他们的需求是否可以通过健康+咨询得到满足. The different factors influencing the decision can be complex. 最常, external referrals are based upon the students’ need for longer term, 专门的或更密集的治疗. If a referral appears to be the best way for the student to receive the treatment needed, the W+C staff will do their best to connect the student to a suitable provider.


  • Students whose schedules do not fit with W+C’s hours of operation
  • Students who demonstrate a serious lack of motivation or engagement in treatment, 如不按时赴约或缺乏对建议的跟进
  • Students who are already receiving counseling services from another provider
  • 需要持续或强化支持以治疗慢性严重精神健康状况的学生
  • Students with issues that may require a student to be seen more than 1x/week
  • 经历严重痛苦的学生, 谁需要立即住院或细心的门诊治疗和/或正在遭受严重的功能中断
  • 短期治疗模式对诊断或临床问题有害或不适当的学生
  • 有多次自杀企图的学生, severe self injury or multiple psychiatric hospitalizations
  • 有明显或慢性饮食失调症状的学生,需要密集的门诊或住院治疗
  • 有严重或慢性药物滥用的学生,需要强化门诊治疗, 住宅的治疗, 排毒或住院
  • 有活跃精神病症状的学生有功能进行性恶化的危险,需要强化治疗以稳定
  • Students whose needs fall outside the clinical expertise of W+C staff

由于需要进行广泛的评估和测试,我们无法提供ADHD或自闭症的正式诊断. We encourage you to work with your primary care provider, 保险, 或者精神科医生进行评估和诊断. 

We are happy to help you with support, coping skills and resources. 你也应该利用我们的 残障设施.  

Our clinical therapists do not prescribe or manage medications. 然而, 用于轻度到中度的抑郁和焦虑, 我们可以根据学生的需求提出建议,并与我们的执业护士合作安排治疗计划.

执业护士可能会重新给你的初级保健医生或精神科医生开一些药物. Please contact their main office for more information about transferring prescriptions; Campus Health Center, 313-577-5041. 


所有临床服务记录都是保密的, and are separate from academic and judicial records at the college.

If you or someone you know has experienced sexual assault, you are welcome to discuss your situation with our counselors in a confidential manner. The clinical counselors and nurse practitioners are not Title IX mandated reporters, however, 您可以与他们讨论报告选项.


学生可以与咨询师见面,进行简短的解决方案会议(20分钟或更短),或者只是看看咨询是关于什么的. 无需预约, 只需在周一/周三/周五上午11点至下午12:30到我们的二楼办公室. Telehealth appointments can be accommodated as well during these hours. While this service may be used during a wait for a formal appointment, this should not be utilized 由学生 already seeing a clinician on a regular basis.



  • 每天24小时,每周7天通过电话或聊天
  • Multilingual support available: English, Spanish, French, Mandarin & 广东话(简体中文聊天)

Your information is private and confidential so no one – including your family, friends, or professors – will ever know you used the program unless you choose to tell them.

随时访问支持, 任何地方通过下载免费的应用程序, search ‘My SSP’ from either the Apple App Store or Google Play today.

  • 通过应用程序, 你可以与学生支持顾问24/7实时通话或聊天,也可以安排电话或视频会议.
  • Browse our digital library of helpful articles, videos and mental health assessments.
  • 通过LIFT享受无限次健身之旅, 根据你的健身水平和目标定制的基于应用程序的健身计划,可以在任何地方进行, 在任何时候.

你也可以直接拨打1-866-743-7732联系辅导员(如果从北美以外拨打), 拨打001-416-380-6578)

Please note, MySSP became TELUS Health Student Support on August 1, 2023. All services and established accounts with MySSP will remain the same.


24/7 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline – call or text 988
translifeline: 1-877-565-8860



Students have access to free 医疗保健 appointments on campus. The clinic is staffed by Board Certified 护士s, contracted through The Campus Health Center (CHC) at Wayne State University. The clinic can provide basic medical care for minor illness and injuries, 必要时开药, 并在需要时转诊接受更专业的护理.
健康诊所位于山崎大学一楼的中心,在学年的周一开放, 下午1点到5点, 和周四, 上午9点到下午1点. 需要预约:

Students may also book appointments at the CHC using their 保险 or self pay. CHC的开放时间为周一至周五上午9点至下午5点. 313-577-5041


A health 保险 policy is available to all enrolled students through Wellfleet Student. 他们的信诺PPO计划涵盖了《澳门葡京平台》要求的预防性健康访问和主要医疗需求. Added benefits include a 24/7 Nurse line for medical questions and travel assistance.

国际 students are automatically enrolled in this policy for the academic year. 国内学生, 每学期开学前一个月开始报名,缴费由保险公司办理. 更多信息可在 student保险.com/client/996.

特殊入学期, 相关的报道, 和/或可选择的保险范围, 请咨询 www.医疗保健.gov which connects to eligible Marketplace or Medicaid plans.


It can be hard to maintain your wellness when your basic needs aren’t met. Our outreach manager assists students with 医疗保健 navigation, like finding a doctor and understanding 保险 coverage. 免费月经用品, condoms, and a donation-based food pantry are located in the Hub on the first floor of the Yamasaki.

Food donations are accepted year-round, please email us for more info at (电子邮件保护)


Our team hosts various activities to further personal development, 建立社区, 并为压力管理提供创造性的解决方案. 活动包括每周的瑜伽课,治疗犬,特定主题的研讨会,和自然散步. 健康同伴教育者, 学生勤工俭学计划, 通过实施有趣和包容的项目以及为学生制作教育材料来支持健康倡议, 由学生.


山崎- 2楼
M-F 8:30am-4:30pm

Director of 健康+咨询 and 临床医生

Associate Director of 健康+咨询 and 临床医生

Alissa Lusky,麻萨诸塞州., LLP

Emily VanWormer, MS, CHES